Babysitting services

Enjoy a relaxing night out, whilst qualified babysitters look after your children.


Babysitting Services

Holidaying to Antigua with the family? Let Swalings take care of the babysitting! Spend a lazy day by the beach or go on a lovely, romantic dinner-date while our trustworthy and highly qualified nannies and babysitters take great care of your children. There are no age restrictions whatsoever – we are adept in handling infants, toddlers, and even older children. We have daytime nannies to keep the children engaged in fun activities during the day, and babysitters to keep them safe throughout the night.

Extensively trained in first aid and CPR, Swalings babysitters and nannies are friendly, engaging, and have infinite patience. Entrusting your child with Swalings guarantees complete peace of mind – our professionals are police-verified, insured, and revered for their work ethics. In fact, they have won several accolades over the years too.

Exclusively for you

You can use this service as a one–off, for example, while going out for dinner, or you may choose to have a nanny for the entire duration of your trip. We also endeavour to send the same babysitter for subsequent visits, so that your child feels instantly comfortable every time!

Moreover, we have a number of children’s activities and babysitting services you can benefit from whilst on holiday. Keep the kids entertained for the day on our exclusive Playlist holiday camp or ask for a babysitter to look after them while you enjoy the romantic evening and sunset. We also have a whole range of rental equipment your children tend to need, which is not easy to transport on a flight! We also offer private or group swimming lessons for children and adults.

If you have any special requests let us know – it will be our pleasure to help you! To book a babysitter, please fill out the enquiry form below.

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