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Choosing the right babysitting service for your family

Choosing a babysitting service for your child is a serious matter and can often be a daunting task for parents. Swalings understands this and has put together the information, service and support you need to make the whole process easy.

One of the many perks of joining the babysitting service is that Swalings does all the hard work finding you the most suitable sitter for your needs so you don’t have to worry. If your sitter is sick you will always have a replacement sitter for the duration of your sitter’s illness.

Your babysitter can play an enormously important role for your family. They will offer you peace of mind and aid in your child’s development. Your children’s needs are the number one responsibility of our Babysitters.

Why choose Swalings

Swalings has gone to great lengths to ensure that all their babysitters are the most suitable for you and your needs. The sitters go through rigorous interviews and are thoroughly screened and police checked before they are then trained in child care, customer service as well as First Aid and CPR. Once a member of the Swalings Team the staff continually undergo training to keep their skills fresh and updated with any new First Aid and CPR techniques.

Our placement specialist will come and visit you to have a chat and discuss your requirements. From this meeting they will have a greater understanding of your needs so can we can match the most suitable sitter so you get the most out of your membership. During the meeting they will also carry out a non invasive house inspection. This is in order for the sitters to be aware of any particular ‘danger areas’ for example your deck leads out onto the harbour. Or there are high areas in the home which the child can fall from and injure themselves. It will also make them aware of the location of first aid equipment as well as all the child’s necessary items. During this meeting the placement specialist will also ascertain and take note of your children’s favorite activities and games so their time together will be fun for both parties.


  • First Aid Trained to Internationally Recognised Standards
  • CPR Trained
  • Police Checked
  • Insured
  • Complete Peace of Mind Service
  • We care about your children the way you do
  • A one stop complete service for your personal needs
  • We deliver a first class service with a smile
  • You are guaranteed to always have a babysitter when needed
  • All sitters have transport so you don’t have to worry about taking them home
  • When you chose a babysitter from Swalings you can be assured of “Peace of Mind”.

Holidaying in Antigua

Get the most out of your holiday and don’t let not having someone to look after the kids for a few hours ruin your fun. Now you can go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on but couldn’t previously because of the kids. Have a sitter come over for the duration so the kids are entertained and you get to go on your own adventure. Really want to treat yourself to a fancy dinner overlooking the beautiful starlit sea – have a Swalings Babysitter come and take care of the kids so you don’t miss out on experiencing our beautiful island. Whatever you need email us before your visit or call on your arrival.

Caring for Our staff

As well as providing a quality service for its clients Swalings believes in caring for its staff. As we have said Swalings has trained all its babysitters in Immediate First Aid and CPR to internationally recognised standards. As well as giving parents “Peace of Mind” and having the security that the babysitters know what they are doing in an emergency, it has given the babysitters a life skill they can use anywhere; in their own homes if a relative becomes unconscious or walking down the street and seeing someone having an asthma attack. A life skill every person working with/around or has children should posses.

One Mum said “I’m so pleased with the service; my daughter went to Pre School and was really shy and reclusive, since having a Swalings Nanny she has really come out of her shell. The Nannies personality has really helped”.

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