Platinum Swimming

As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be confident of mind and strong of body. Introduce your child to swimming, which is not only great for health but a life-saving skill as well. As a parent you will be content in the knowledge that not only are your children comfortable and safe in the water, but they are also active while having fun.  Swimming can give your child lifelong confidence both inside and outside of a swimming pool and we, at Swalings, help them do just that.

At Swalings Antigua, we use our own unique teaching methods incorporating water safety and fun activities to keep your child engaged and excited to progress through a judicious mix of fun and learning. Our fun animal-themed badge structure helps reinforce the children’s motivation to want to keep learning and improving. After a long and strenuous week at school, we ensure that this is the best part of their week.

We work with many different children from all abilities and learning paces! Our teams of coaches are trained to the highest level, and your child will be consistently encouraged to improve and strive towards their next goal in swimming which will make them a confident swimmer as well as potential life-saver.

In the past, children who enrolled themselves to our swimming programme have even gone on to save lives!

Start your little ones’ swimming journey with Swalings today!