School Swimming


Swalings is working in conjunction with the Ministry of Sports and the National Sailing Academy to make swimming a part of the national youth sports programme. Having taught over 3000 children to swim in Antigua and over 25,000 pupils worldwide including the majority of the Antiguan National Swim Team, Swalings believe every child in Antigua should have the opportunity to learn to swim. Therefore as part of this initiative we have introduced the National School Swimming Programme. As part of this programme Swalings will be offering swimming lessons at a special school rate in order to make lessons affordable for all.

The swimming lessons take place as an after school activity. Swalings provides a bus service which picks the children up from school and returns them once their swimming lessons are complete.  You can find out which day your child’s schools lessons are by clicking on the school timetable here.

As part of our giving back initiative Swalings donates $5 per child that enrols in the programme to each school. This donation has helped to improve school facilities and purchase needed equipment.

Below is a list of the schools currently enrolled in the programme. If you do not see your child’s school on the list please contact us and we will see if we can make alternative arrangements for them to be part of the programme. 

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School Swimming

  • Antigua Girls High School
  • Jennings Primary School
  • Seventh Day Adventist New Bethal
  • Antigua Grammar School
  • Jennings Secondary School
  • St Andrew’s
  • Baptiste Academy
  • Kids Unlimited
  • St Anthony’s
  • Cedar Grove
  • Mary E. Piggots
  • St John’s Catholic
  • Christ the King
  • Minoah Magnett
  • St John’s Lutheran
  • Christian Faith Academy
  • Old Road Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Academy
  • Christian Union Junior Academy
  • Ottos Comprehensive
  • St Nicholas
  • Clare Hall
  • Piggots Primary School
  • St Peters Primary School
  • Foundation Mix
  • PMS Secondary School
  • Sunnyside
  • Golden Grove
  • Seaview Academy
  • TN Kirnon
  • Grace Christian Academy
  • Seventh Day Adventist Primary
  • Trinity Academy
  • Island Academy
  • Seventh Day Adventist Secondary
  • Weslyan Junior Academy