Swalings Football Tournaments

Swalings started running football tournaments in 2009. At the time there was no youth football league for children to participate in, so Swalings hosted its own Inter-Swalings Cup, which ran for 3 seasons. As youth football started to develop in Antigua, Swalings started entering teams into the youth leagues and tournaments, whilst still hosting their own annual beach football and futsal tournaments.

From 2010 – 2012 Swalings ran its annual Beach Bash Football Tournament, a 5 aside champions league style tournament for Adults played on the sand. This proved to be very popular and regularly had 16 teams participating.

Our first Youth Tournament was a huge success with 8 teams participating in the Under 11 age category. Following on from the success of the Under 11 tournament the following year saw us introduce an Under 9’s and Under 13s tournament with teams from all over the Island participating.

As regular grass pitch football continues to grow, there are more youth leagues and tournaments popping up all over the calendar. Swalings continue to lead the way and have Introduced alternative football tournaments to advance standards and facilitate different disciplines of football: These are called the Swalings Futsal Cup and the Youth Beach Football League.

Futsal is a 5 aside youth tournament played on a hard court and similar to 5 aside indoor football. The Swalings Futsal tournament is unique in that the children’s games are recorded and then aired live on national television, where children can watch themselves on TV. 

The Beach Football league emphasises agility, skill and shooting at goal.  Again it’s a 5-a-side version of the game, allowing players more touches of the ball which will help with their progression and development as complete players.

Swalings currently have two tournaments running a year The Swalings Futsal Tournament and the Youth Football Beach League.