About Us

‘Swalings Football School’ was formed in 2005 and has gone on to teach over 700 children to play football. Our coaching philosophy at Swalings Football School is much more than just coaching the game of football. Whilst we want to coach the skills and techniques to play the game to a high standard, we also use the medium of learning to play football to instil life skills into our players and make them well rounded individuals on and off the field. 

Our goal is to help educate players with different life skills that will support their individual development through life, potentially long after they have finished playing the game.

We want our children to have pride in themselves and the team, hence we strive to instil a sense of discipline and professionalism by ensuring players turn up on time to practice as well as matches, and that they wear the correct uniform that is clean and well maintained. Its little things like this that help to educate a child in being the best they can be and become a respected citizen.

We insist on children being polite and courteous to their coaches and one another. We expect children to say please and thank you, and have good manners; we encourage children to share as well as learn to wait their turn. These are all important life skills that can help them personally from the pitch to the boardroom.

We believe football is a game everyone should be able to play. We coach boys and girls from all walks of life and varying backgrounds. As part of our coaching philosophy we teach children to respect one another no matter where they come from. We integrate our scholarship programmes with our general practices, bringing young people together from all social and economic backgrounds. We also coach our players to respect one another as well as the players and coaches of other teams, insisting that players shake hands at the end of the game no matter the result, win, lose or draw.

At Swalings Football we want to help young people build their confidence and self-belief, both on and off the field. A variety of personal development practises are incorporated into our teaching to encourage children to learn and grow. Our coaches are enthusiastic, friendly and supportive but also have the ability to ensure the children retain decorum.

When our children finish a game or practice session we want to them to retain the pride and satisfaction they feel every time they score a goal! Our desire is for every child taught by Swalings takes home the personal lessons they have learnt, and go on to achieve their dreams in life and be the best they can be throughout their chosen path.