Swalings Methodology

Swalings Swimming was established in 1988 by Caroline Swatton. With 2 small children under 5 years old she was seeking an opportunity that enabled her to supplement her income whilst her husband, Gerry, was away with the British forces and still spend time with her children doing something they all loved.

Having been a professional lifeguard and a mother, Caroline recognized that her core values in swimming of combining learning the skill with safety and lifesaving were not applied to the extent she believed were necessary in widespread teaching. In 2000, having already ran Swalings for some years, she attended a ‘Shaw Method’ teacher’s course, with the owner Steven Shaw which was based on the Alexander Technique and aligned the head, neck and back relationship. At the same time she completed the ‘Birthlight’ course, with the founder of Birthlight Françoise Freedman. Hence she set about creating a unique teaching methodology to encompass a broader spectrum of learning incorporating her new knowledge and expertise.

In 2004, Swalings Swimming was introduced to Antigua after Caroline’s daughter, Zoë, had spent some time in a refuge for battered women and children. During the children’s recreation time Zoë was teaching them to swim. She came to recognise that the country could greatly benefit from the expertise and teaching approach her mother had spent so long developing and subsequently started the first Swalings  Swimming branch in the Caribbean.

We continue to develop our methodology to incorporate new developments in teaching practices and advances in equipment.

Our methodology aims to:

  • To break down barriers of fear and apprehension in the water.
  • To promote personal development and build confidence, improving both body and mind through swimming and coaching.
  • To educate and develop life skills through the pursuit of excellence in swimming, lifesaving, aqua activities and water therapies in a fun, healthy and structured environment.

Swalings classes have been specifically tailored to give children confidence in the water from an early age and our method of teaching guarantees a safe environment to learn in. We also know our methodology works – not only have we taught over 25,000 people to swim successfully, Swalings was also the first multi-sited swimming school in the South West to be awarded STAmark with Distinction.

Our classes are designed to facilitate learning with a progressive programme that continuously motivates and rewards individuals to improve steadily at every stage, right through from complete novice to advanced swimmer and lifesaver. Swalings provide all types of swimming lessons including Parent and Baby swimming, Toddles and children’s swimming, endless pool swimming, specialised swimming, adult swimming and lifesaving.

We are very passionate about what we do and believe that everyone can enjoy a safe and fulfilling time in any water environment given the right skills and learning.