swimming scholarship

Swimming Scholarship

Swalings believe swimming is an essential life skill and that every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim.

When Swalings started teaching swimming in 2004 the majority of Antigua could not swim and there was an in-ate fear around the water. With every public holiday came more drowning’s and near misses in the water. Swalings has taught countless numbers of adults and children who have told us they nearly drowned at the beach. Therefore it became our mission to teach as many children and adults to swim as possible and make Antigua and going to the beach a much safer and more enjoyable place.

Initially we set up the National School swimming programme and offered our services to a number of schools on the island and slowly more and more children learnt to swim. However there was a vast majority of children missing out due to being unable to afford participation and so was born the Swalings Scholarship programme.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Sports, our corporate sponsors and the National Sailing Academy we set up the scholarship programme and have since taught over 1000 children to swim for free!

We have provided swimming lessons through our scholarship programme for a number of groups including the Boys Training School, The Good Sheppard Girls Home, Citizens Welfare Division, The Armstrong Tennis Academy, The Optimist Petite Club, The National Sailing Academy, The Pathfinders and other youth groups such as the Scouts and Brownies. A number of government schools have also received scholarships for children. 

We are extremely grateful to our corporate sponsors and private individuals who have kindly donated to the programme and contributed to the safety and enjoyment for a number of children.

Success Stories.

The scholarship programme has had some brilliant success stories with a number of students becoming qualified as lifeguards and swimming teachers and gaining employment on the Swalings staff as swimming instructors, party hosts and kids camp co-ordinators as well as getting jobs in the hotel industry as water sports staff. Students have also learnt to swim competitively and represent their country at the OECS and other international events. We have also had students gain further scholarships for education in the USA off the back of their swimming achievements.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Swalings Scholarship Programme we would love to hear from you.