Team Profile

At Swalings we have an ultimate goal: to continually develop each pupils swimming skillset to enable them to get the most pleasure out of being in and around water, whilst staying safe and confident. We use our own unique swimming methodology which has been perfected over 30 years. We work with children of all abilities and learning paces. Every child is treated as an individual and set realistic goals to keep them engaged and progressing. All our poolside staff are fully qualified, trained in our methodology and DBS checked before working with children.

Upon joining Swalings you will notice a variety of staff that interact with pupils for different reasons. Each staff member plays a vital role in the development of the pupil and management of the lessons.

Poolside Managers (PSM)

The PSM’s are ultimately responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our swimming lessons and the safety of the pupils in the water. They act as the primary lifeguard and to support the teachers where needed. They are the first point of contact for parents and guardians wishing to discuss anything relating to their children’s lessons and overall development. PSM’s are highly experienced and qualified swimming teachers and lifeguards, who are first aid trained and DBS checked.

Senior Teacher

The Senior Teachers are fully qualified teachers and lifeguards and are responsible for their own classes but also to mentor other team members to ensure teaching standards are maintained and continuously developed. Senior Teachers act as a liaison between the PSM and the teaching staff.


The teacher’s primary role is to ensure pupils are taught the necessary skills and technique depending upon their individual ability and progress in accordance with the Swalings badge scheme and methodology. Teachers instruct according to the Swalings swimming methodology meaning they can be in or out of the water with the pupils depending upon the class and skillset they are teaching. Our teachers are qualified to the highest standards and are regularly assessed during their continued professional development to ensure these standards are maintained. They are also qualified lifesavers and DBS checked.


The Swalings helper’s primary responsibility is to support the teacher and monitor the pupils to ensure their safety and development. They are always in the water with the pupils and will have more likely than not, grown up being taught to swim by Swalings and as such already understand the importance of the Swalings methodology. Helpers are continuously assessed for their own personal development and specialist knowledge.

Swalings Team Profile