Our second year of the Sandals Foundation and Swalings Football is coming to an end.

This year saw 6 new pupils join the football programme as some of the lads from the first year were too old to continue on.  They had different interests looming and they needed to focus on their academic work too.

Talking of academic work, 5 of our scholarship children graduated from their schools recently. All will be looking to continue their education at either ABITT or State College with some looking to head further afield to either America or England. Head Coach Duncan was invited to the graduation of the 4 lads that went to the Grammar school, which he felt was a great honour.

On the football field, 2 boys were selected for the national team once again. Another one of our boys was selected for the beach football national team along with a boy who plays for the grass football team and will head to Bermuda U17 World Championships next week.

Closer to home, all the boys have grown by leaps and bounds both personally and as footballers. Zadok Christian, who is in his second year, was voted the Villa Lions League Top Midfielder in the U11 Division. That is 2 years in a row for Zadok.

In the U17s, U15s and U11s in which we had 3 of our boys, we finished 4th in the league,  a position that’s consistent but that needs improvement.

In the Swalings Soccer Tournament, the U11s won their division and the U17s and U15s were semi finalists.

However, real maturity was shown by the boys when head coach Duncan was on vacation. The U17s wanted to play in a tournament; normally we won’t let them without a Swalings coach as our reputation is put on the line; however, we decided to let them represent us as they’ve matured so much and we trusted them. They came 3rd and were given special praise for their behaviour on and off the pitch, which was absolutely fantastic and we were so proud of them.

Currently, we are training 2 boys to become “assistant coaches” and they are helping with the2-4 year olds, U7s, 11s and U13s with the hope that when they stop playing for Swalings (U17s), they will be able to come on board as coaches and take their own classes.

If you want to find out how to join the Swalings Football team, you can enquire here.